Friday, March 02, 2007

Tosefet Bracha Tetzaveh 1

“And his voice was will be heard when he comes into the holy” (28; 35)

In the Mesorah on this verse it says that the word v’nishma (and we will hear/ and it/ he will be heard) appears three times in Tanach. Once here, once in Parshat Mishpatim in the phrase na’aseh v’nishma (we will do and we will hear), and once in Megillat Esther v’nishma patshegen hamelech (the decree of the king was heard). It is not clear what the connection is between these three verses.
Perhaps we can explain that the Mesorah here is hinting at the prayer that the Cohen Gadol said after coming out of the Holy of Holies. The verse says “He will atone for himself, and his brothers and all of Israel”. He will atone for himself, for all the other Cohanim (his brothers) and one for all of Israel.
This is what the Mesorah is hinting to us. “His voice will be heard” – his own prayer. “We will do and we will hear” – for all the Cohanim, who have the task of serving G-d in the Temple. “The decree of the king was heard” was a decree for all of the world and all of klal Yisrael.

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