Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kedoshim summary

G-d commands the entire Jewish nation to be holy. We must respect our parents and keep Shabbat. We must not worship idols, or build them for others. When we bring a Shelamim (Peace offering) we must not leave any of the meat over to the third day. We are instructed to leave the corners of the fields and other gleanings for the poor to gather.
We are prohibited to: steal, deny a rightful claim, lie, swear falsely, withhold that which belongs to another, withhold a worker's wages, curse the deaf, place a stumbling block in front of the blind, pervert justice, favour the poor in judgement, engage in gossip, stand by while another's life is in danger, hate another in our heart. We are commanded to admonish our neighbour if he does wrong, and forbidden to take revenge or bear a grudge. We must love others as ourselves, and may not crossbreed livestock with other species, nor plant a field with different kinds of grain. We must not wear a garment containing wool and linen, nor lie carnally with a slave woman who has been partially freed.
We may not eat from the fruit of a tree during its first three years. We are forbidden to engage in occult practices or to act on the basis of omens. Men may not cut the hair on the sides of their heads or shave the edges of their beards. We may not make gashes in our skin as mourning for the dead, nor tattoo ourselves. We may not defile a woman through premarital sex. We must keep Shabbat and revere the Temple.
We are commanded not to seek out mediums or oracles. We must show respect to the elderly. We may not hurt the feelings of a convert - they shall be exactly like a born Jew - nor use false weights or measures.
Anyone who gives any of his children to Molekh (a Canaanite fire god) shall be put to death by stoning. If the people ignore his actions and don't punish him, G-d will punish him with Kares (spiritual death). If a person turns to oracles and mediums they will receive Kares. Any person who curses his mother or father shall be stoned to death. Anyone who commits adultery shall be put to death. Someone who commits incest, bestiality or sodomy shall be put to death. If a man sleeps with a woman while she is in a state of Nida (ritually impure from her menstruation) the two of them shall receive Kares.
We are instructed to safeguard all of these laws so that we may remain in the land of Israel. It is a land flowing with milk and honey that G-d has set aside for us. We must also separate between the Kosher and non-Kosher animals.

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